The Rise of Reelgood

Reelgood had a problem: the data they used were out of date. In the case of HBO’s “The Young Pope,” for example, the network had spent millions of dollars on marketing for the show, but their database did not include the episode. This was frustrating for HBO, which emailed the company, demanding a fix. But what was the solution? A new database that took the time to update and was more complete would be the right choice.

The Reelgood app has hundreds of thousands of movies and TV shows on its platform. Users can browse through these titles by genre, title, and IMDB rating. It also points users to 150+ streaming services. The app relies on data collected from five million US users, real-time interactions with movies, and top lists. So if you’re tired of watching the same old movies on TV, Reelgood could be the answer.7 Online Business Ideas That Could Make You Rich

Reelgood, founded in 2012, was close to going bankrupt last year. But then, a previous investor came back to the startup’s rescue and provided funding for the company. It is currently available in the United States, and will be available in at least 25 countries in the next month. While this funding round has been crucial for Reelgood, the company’s growth is far from over. This round of funding has allowed the company to double down on its product and services and hire more employees in different roles.

Reelgood has slowly risen over the past several years, but it has surged more during the streaming pandemic. Today, it has over 6 million users compared to two million Reel Good users at the start of 2020. The site has become the most popular among these platforms, driven by a lot of SEO work and Google searches for “where to stream.” Reelgood is not the first player in the space, but it was early enough to gain a leg up.

Reelgood allows you to view movies and TV shows through streaming services without having to search for them on other apps. The app is designed to help you choose movies and TV shows based on genres and IMDB ratings. With the help of a watchlist, you can find the most popular films on Reelgood and enjoy the latest shows in the most engaging way possible. If you’re looking for an alternative to YouTube, you can also use the app for free.

As for the streaming box, Reelgood competes with JustWatch, Roku, and Amazon. Although the company has a similar product, its goal is to expand its user base and partner with streaming boxes. JustWatch and Reelgood are rivals in the streaming video space. But which of these services is best for consumers? We’ll have to wait and see. And who’s going to be the first to catch the next big streaming box?

Reelgood has the world’s largest streaming guide. This free iOS and Android app brings together streaming services. It also allows you to filter by genre, title, and IMDB rating. You can then play the movies and TV shows you want to watch with a single tap. The only problem with Reelgood is that it doesn’t work on all platforms. If you’re looking to watch TV shows or movies, there’s nothing better than an app that combines all of these services in one place.

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